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Have you signed up to receive alerts from the Coffey County Public Notification System? You can choose subscriptions for: •Rural Water Districts •School Districts •Each of the cities in the county •Burn Bans •89 different weather warnings from the National Weather Service Citizens can sign up by going to this link https://member.everbridge.net/index/892807736723342 or go to the Coffey County website www.coffeycountyks.org and click on the yellow Emergency Notifications button. If you need assistance signing up, feel free to call our office 620-364-2721.









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Now you can log in to veiw and pay your bill!!

Call or email the office to get set up for this.

When calling or emailing please have a password ready that you would like to use on the account. The system will create your user name.



you will also have the options to sign up for auto pay if you do this please note auto payments are submitted around the 5th of the month.

 Pay By Phone

To pay electronically call the office at 620-364-8099 and we can run the payment with your checking information and or credit /debit card. When using the Credit/debit card there is a 2.6% fee added.  We do not keep any checking or credit /debit card information.

Office hours to submit payment are 8am-3:45 pm



As we get started on this years mowing season please keep track of where your water meter is so as not to hit the lid with a mower.


Sign up for paperless Statements, call the office at 620-364-8099 or email at office@ccrwd3.com

New Benefit Unit Cost $5,350.00

The cost and construction of new water lines from the Main to the property is the resposibility of the customer this is addition to the benefit Unit cost.

Water Rates

Minimum 0-1,000 gallons $40.90

1,000 gallons $40.93

 additional gallons add number of gallons X $10.90 to the minimum to get approximate bill for water used.