• stone water tower

    stone water tower

  • wind mill

    wind mill

  • water spout

    water spout

  • encased pump

    encased pump

  • tree growing over

    tree growing over

  • faucet at the well

    faucet at the well

  • an old well

    an old well

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Coffey County Emergency Management

Immediate Response Information System (IRS)

In light of the recent "Water Boil Advisory" for Coffey County, we would like to inform our customers that Coffey County Emergency Management has an automatic notification system called IRIS available.

Coffey County Rural Water #3 is encouraging you to sign up for this free service as soon as possible so you will be informed of any future alerts that may affect citizens of Coffey County.

  • IRIS is free to all Coffey County citizens
  • IRIS provides ALERTS to land line telephones, email addresses and calls or sends text messages to cellular phones.
  • Signup for IRIS can be done online at www.coffeycountyks.org IRIS or by calling Coffey County Emergency Management at 620-364-2721